3 Bedtime Snacks You Will Want To Start Eating Tonight

Having trouble falling asleep? Well, it must be what you are eating that’s causing you a lot of trouble. All along, bedtime snacking has been blamed for a host of lifestyle diseases like insomnia and obesity. However, what you eat can potentially determine the kind of sleep you will be having. Here is a short list of the bedtime snacks you should have.

Picking out the perfect bedtime sack can be hard. Many options out there are high in fat and will make you gain extra weight as you chase down that precious sleep. It is essential, therefore, to choose something that will not impact your weight while at the same time promoting your sleep.

There are several sacks to choose from. These are, however, the best tried and tested products that you will find. They contain mainly calcium, protein, carbohydrates, and some minerals.

Good Night Bedtime Snack

This is a snack made from non-pharmaceutical ingredients and is aimed at giving you relief during the night. It is not a supplement as other night snacks are.

The ingredients combined in this snack have been scientifically proven to help you sleep better, soundly and generally have a higher quality of sleep. These items are Casein protein from cow’s milk, Magnesium, and L-Theanine.

In addition to the rich constitution of this snack, it also tastes heavenly. Therefore, you can be sure of a great tasting and nutritionally sound bedtime snack to munch on when you get up with a growling tummy.


Nighttime cravings are hardly going to disappear for a lot of people. If this is so, why not make this phenomenon a healthy experience altogether. This is what Nightfood aims to achieve with this snack.

As opposed to other popular forms of bedtime sacking like cookies and chocolate, your health will not take a dip after munching on this nighttime snack. The ideal bite should not cause you to add on weight and mess with your sleep.

Nigthfood snacks are made to be a healthy alternative to other snacks. It has calories that are almost exclusively made up of complex carbohydrates, reasonable protein amounts, and a minimal glycemic profile.

Each bar of Nightfood’s nighttime snack is made up of Chocamine, a cocoa extract that is free from caffeine. Chocamine will give you all the benefits of chocolate without the additional fats and sugars you will find in other chocolate-based snacks. So get on Amazon and get yourself a pack of these delicious bedtime snacks.

Nightfood Nighttime Ice Cream

This is probably the last thing you would want to hear when it comes to late night snacking. But it isn’t what you think.  This ice cream delivers a potent punch that is approved by both Sleep expert and Cravemonster. You will not go wrong with this offering.

This item has a host of flavors to pick from, and they are all simply amazing.

To lend prominence to its cause, Nightfood is popular among well-known personalities including athletes and sleep experts. So do not worry about snacking on ice cream, as long as it is from Nightfood.

To wrap it up, bedtime snacking is a habit we can hardly leave. Nevertheless, we can still make it work for instead of against us in the long run.  Snacking on healthy snacks goes a long way in ensuring our health and quality sleep in the long term. So go on and get yourself a package of these three super delicious bedtime snacks.

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