4 Essential Oils You Need By Your Bedside


Our sense of smell is very crucial to our physiological functions. That is why different scents play a significant role in our day-to-day lives. Essential oils are conventional oils extracted from natural sources. These substances have a characteristic smell or odor of the source from which it is obtained. Their main feature is this scent that has distinct effects on how we feel.

Essential oils play an essential role in how we sleep. They could potentially make or break bedtime sessions. It is no wonder then how they are incorporated into numerous products aimed at making you sleep better, e.g. sleep teas, pillow spray, etc.

Aromatherapy is a form of medication that relies on the sense of smell. It mainly deals with these essential oils used for a variety of purposes. Some of the best essential oils out there are discussed below.


This oil is distinctively combined with Clary Sage, Copaiba, & Lavender Oils. All these ingredients used are non-synthetic and do not harbor dangerous chemicals inside them. Rest assured of the purity of this product.

The containers used are of high quality and include a free glass dropper. This material offers protection from direct sunlight that might damage the structural integrity of the oils.

Artizen also provides a warranty and a money-back guarantee in case you will not be satisfied with the product. This shows how much commitment they have placed on the quality of this product.

Good Night Essential Oil

Good night essential oil promises to deliver what its title suggests, a good night’s sleep. This oil incorporates fragrances aimed at helping you fall asleep faster and maintain a quality sleep while at it. The manufacturer claims that this oil will remind you of your perfect bed, soft sheets and a heavy blanket coupled with just the ideal mattress to go along with it.

The company is family-operated and ensures personal attendance to the sourcing of each ingredient. They assure customers of the quality of their Good Night’s products as well as their affordability.

Healing Solutions Good Sleep Blend

Healing Solutions assures users of a full refund if they do not immediately switch to using this product once tried. This blend of oils has the perfect scent that is like no other on the market. It offers a therapeutic kick that will lull you to sleep in no time.

Healing Solutions incorporate into the manufacturing process stringent quality control measures so that there is no compromise on this. They are FDA registered; Kosher certified and ISO 9001. All these institutions speak of the quality of the product you will be buying.

With over one hundred and seventy different oils being used in the blend, this is by far one of the most superior essential oils in the market.

Rocky Mountain Oils Immune Strength Blend

Rocky mountain’s oil is a fantastic all-natural piece of aromatherapy. All the ingredients are naturally sourced and will harbor no chemical residues.

This essential oil doesn’t only give you a good night’s sleep. It will also make the air in your house smell better and cleaner. Also, it goes a long way in supporting your immune system.

Finally, essential oils are some of the most overlooked sleep aids on the market. Everyone else is out there picking the best mattress, pillows and comforters. However, these oils are also potent additions to your sleep regiment.