6 Tips to Overcome Sleepwalking


Sleepwalking is a serious sleep disorder where you find a person waking up from their bed to do strange activities while still asleep. You may find them cooking, driving their cars, engaging in sex, and even violence. If you try to wake them, it can lead to serious injuries. Sleepwalking can occur for 15 minutes with the person not knowing what is going on.

Here are 6 best tips that can be done to control this disorder.

Have Enough Sleep When Tired

When the mind is exhausted there is a high chance of sleepwalking. Enough sleep is good for a person’s health and is recommended that a mature person should sleep at least seven hours per night. A child should have twelve hours per night. It is good to reduce tiredness which can lead to sleepwalking. This can be reduced through sleeping early, reducing caffeine intake, and drinking less to avoid waking up to go to the bathroom. All this will help you to have adequate sleep and reduce incidences of this condition.

Relax Before Going to Sleep

A stressed person can experience sleepwalking easily since he or she has no peace of mind. Before you sleep, it is imperative you have the best sleep hygiene so that you will not have a problem sleeping. It is good you keep the room cool, avoid light when sleeping, and avoid electronic devices like phones and television before sleep. You can still listen to music to relax your mind or read a novel. This will help control sleepwalking.

Have An Anticipatory Awakening

This is where you know the time you experience sleepwalking. To avoid this occurring, have someone wake you before the time. It is recommended that you wake up 10 minutes before the time you usually begin sleepwalking and for you to stay alert for about 3 to 5 minutes before heading back to sleep. It will be the best way to disrupt sleep, hence sleepwalking will not have a chance to occur. This is only applicable when you have a sleeping partner to alert you before time.

If you are alone, you can still set an alarm to alert you before time.

Reduce Your Level of Alcohol Intake Before Sleep

Alcohol is among the major causes of sleepwalking. It affects the brain system leading to poor functionality of the brain. This will interfere with your sleep and cause sleepwalking. It is recommended for those who take alcohol to have only one drink in a day. This is a good level that will not affect your sleep and therefore will most likely not cause sleepwalking.

Seek Medical Help If You Are Sleepwalking

Sleepwalking can be a serious disorder that requires the best medical measures to be taken. This problem can be checked by a doctor and different measures taken like brain waves, heart rate, and breathing rate.

Moreover, there are medications you can take to reduce this condition like Benzodiazepines and Antidepressants which reduce that heavy tiredness.

These are some of the best tips to follow to help you fight cases of sleepwalking. It is a dangerous sleep disorder that can cause injuries to sleepwalkers, so taking any means of precaution is recommended.