7 Common Sleep Disorders


It is clear that most adults don’t have a good sleep. Statistics show that around 35% of the adult population experience poor sleep while around 25% of adults wake up feeling tired because they lack the right kind of sleep. This is a major challenge for many people since a lack of good sleep is not healthy. Our minds need to be refreshed and so do our bodies, especially after a long day at work. An unnecessary number of people suffer from sleep disorders, is a serious problem that needs to be worked on to ensure they don’t suffer continuously.

Here are 7 sleep disorders that lead to poor sleeping at night.


This is a serious disorder that is mostly caused by stress, depression, and drug consumption. When you meditate on a serious issue, giving it a lot of time and thought, it affects your brain’s functionality. Those affected by this disorder have a problem falling asleep and repeatedly wake up during the night. They are unable to maintain their regular sleep pattern. When you suffer from this disorder it is recommended you go to your doctor for medication. Three months of suffering this condition could lead to serious complications.

It is recommended to go for cognitive behavioral therapy where the right medication is provided to overcome the disorder.

Sleep Apnea

It is where you have a blockage of the throat and you experience a problem breathing. For the mosst part, people with sleep apnea end up sleeping during the day and experience headaches in the morning. At night people with this disorder frequently snore and it is difficult to accept that you are suffering until you are told by someone else. It is advisable to seek medication where a continuous positive airway pressure machine is used to open the throat. It will then pass air into your throat.

Restless Leg Syndrome

This disorder can be passed from one person to another and will sometimes affect expectant mothers. In this, you keep moving your limbs and legs during sleep or rest. It is good to do a lot of exercises, reduce the intake of caffeine and alcohol and also medication is recommended to control the disorder.


It mostly affects children since this disorder is concerned with brain development. It can be caused by lack of enough sleep or the indication of an underlying health problem. Sleepwalking can cause a lot of physical injuries to the person affected. It is good to sleep in an environment free from noise and also regulate your sleeping time.

Sleep Terrors

When you are sick you can suffer from this problem. People who experience sleep terrors will shout while asleep. It mostly affects children. Sleeping in a good environment and medication is recommended in this case.

To have a good sleep ensure you are free from these disorders. Some of them are very serious and it is good to know if you are suffering so that you can work towards having a good night’s rest.