7 Tips To Overcome Pregnancy Insomnia


You are pregnant, and you find yourself wide awake in the middle of the night. This is an indication that you are suffering from pregnancy insomnia. There is no specific set time during the pregnancy period when this sleeping issue occurs. This means that it can happen at any stage. There are many things that can contribute to lack of sleep at night during this period, but they can all be resolved.

If you find yourself in such a situation, don’t worry. The following discussed tips will greatly help you to overcome this sleeplessness problem.

Always Wake Up At The Same Time Each Day

Sleeping is a natural behavior and is applicable to all of humankind. However sweet the sleep is, always ensure that you have a specific time to get up every day. This will be part of training your body to have a consistent time for getting out of bed. The body will adapt and it will become a routine for you. Through this, there will be minimal or no cases of waking up before that time.

Avoid Short Periods Of Sleep During The Day

Napping can seriously affect the quality of your sleep at night. It is good to be resistant to such seductive action. Learn to associate sleep with darkness and have a specific time for sleeping. This will guide you to set and maintain a regular sleeping pattern. This is a very good path to improve your sleep.

Make Your Bedroom a Conducive for Sleeping

Your bedroom should be a silent and comfortable place to be in. Check the temperature, lights and any sounds that may be distracting your sleep. Ensure that you control them to the best limits. Pets should have their own place to sleep and away from the bedroom. The bed itself should be well set to give a comfortable rest. This will help you to stay asleep all night long.

Take Your Worries Out Of The Bedroom

Finish all your work and plans before going to bed. Avoid too much overthinking or worrying while you are in your bedroom. The mind should be free from worries and settled to sleep and by doing this, you will enjoy a relaxed sleep.

Regular Exercises

Exercising regularly will help you during this period of pregnancy and also in life after. A peptide hormone which helps to balance your ever-changing mood is released from the brain when you exercise. Exercising also gives you energy for the day`s activities and will positively impact your sleep quality during the night. You can also perform stretches for the body and massage your feet a few hours before going to bed. This will relax your body and prepare it for sleeping, decreasing the likelihood of pregnancy insomnia.

Avoid Taking Alcohol And Stimulants

Stimulants like caffeine and nicotine will interfere with your sleep. Caffeine has prolonged impacts on the body which can last for several hours. You will have difficulty in falling asleep, and there may be cases of waking up several times at night. Alcohol will give you a non-peaceful night, and if you are pregnant, alcohol consumption is definitely not advised. In case a person has been sick and is under medication of stimulant-related drugs, you should ask your doctor to give you the best time to take the drugs before your usual sleeping time. All this if not carefully dealt with, will give you a restless night.    

Pregnancy insomnia can definitely be helped and prevented. You should always try to solve the problem before it gets worse.