Best Sleeping Position For Your Body


Sleeping is an essential part of our life. Quality sleep keeps your mind fresh and your body active. Hence, it can make you more productive. Sleeping quality also depends on your sleep position. Wrong sleep positions have the potential to cause various issues. It includes fatigue, neck pain, muscle cramping, sleep apnea, headaches, and many others. Therefore, it is necessary to sleep in the right position. In this article, we are going to describe various sleep positions for your body with their pros and cons. You can choose the proper one for better sleep.

Best Sleeping Position For Your Body
Best Sleeping Position For Your Body

On Your Back: Sleeping Position

Researches show that very fewer people sleep this way. However, sleeping on the back is the best sleeping position. It allows your neck, spine, and head to rest in a neutral position. Therefore, these areas will not get any extra pressure. It means that you will not experience any pain in your body. Furthermore, it doesn’t allow the acid to reflux in your body. You must ensure to take a pillow that can support and elevate your head. It will make your stomach to stay below the esophagus. Thus, it will prevent the food or acid from coming into your digestive tract.

However, people suffering from sleep apnea must prevent this position. It is because the tongue can block the breathing passage lying on your back. It can also trigger the snoring problem.

On Your Side: Sleeping Position

In this position, the legs and torso are relatively straight. Hence, it also helps to decrease the problem of acid refluxing. Your spine is also straight by lying on your side. Therefore, it doesn’t cause any back and neck pain. It is also a good position for the people facing the snoring problem. It is because the airways are open in it. The people with sleep apnea can use this sleeping position. Half of your face lies on the pillow. Thus, it can cause a wrinkle problem.

Best Sleeping Position For Your Body
Best Sleeping Position For Your Body

In The Fetal Position

It is the most popular position for sleeping. A recent survey shows that nearly 41 percent of adults sleep this way. To attain it, you need to hunch body trunk and side. Then, bend your knees. It is a great position to sleep for a pregnant lady (especially on the left side). It is because it enhances the circulation in your body as well as in the fetus. Furthermore, it prevents the pressing of uterus against the liver. It also helps the people who snore.

However, you must prevent to pull the knees up high. Try to straighten your body for the maximum benefits. The tight position can cause breathing problems. The people having arthritis in your joints or back must avoid this position to sleep. You can place a pillow between knees to reduce strain on your hips.

On Your Stomach

This position is useful to ease snoring. However, it has various other disadvantages. It can lead to neck and back pain as the spine is not in a neutral position. Furthermore, it also put pressure on the stomach and muscles. Hence, it can lead to aches, tingling, and irritation. You must choose any other position to sleep instead of lying on the stomach.