Common Sleep Disorders Types And Problems Today -

Common Sleep Disorders Types And Problems Today

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Good sleep is a necessary factor for all of us. A sound, uninterrupted sleep keeps our minds refresh and refills our energy bar. Sometimes, a short nap of 10-15 minutes during works drives the stresses away. Sleep disorder creates so many problems in our life as it interrupts and disarranges our sleeping habits. Sleep disorders are some conditions that somehow affect our sleeping habits regularly. There are several sleep disorders types. You need to know the symptoms to identify them.

So, we will try to discuss the types of sleep disorders and the problems they can raise. 

Insomnia, One Of The Most Common Sleep Disorders Types

Insomnia is one of the most common sleep disorders. There are two different types of Insomnia, which are- Short Term Insomnia and Chronic Insomnia. Short term insomnia does not last long. It usually happens due to extra stress. If your personal or professional life is going through a tough time, then the stress may cause Short term Insomnia. Chronic Insomnia lasts longer. You feel sleepy in the daytime and in the night you find it hard to fall asleep. If Short Time Insomnia happens, your physician may advise you to meditate. In case, you are suffering from depression or anxiety, doctors may prescribe some medicines. Chronic Insomnia requires behavior therapy, hypnosis, medicines for treatment.  

Common Sleep Disorders Types And Problems Today
Common Sleep Disorders Types And Problems Today

Narcolepsy: Sleep Disorders Types

If one feels unusual sleepiness in the daytime or experiences sleep paralysis or suffers from Cataplexy (temporary loss of the control of muscles), then he or she may be suffering from Narcolepsy. The patients of Narcolepsy have irregular sleeping habits. They tend to fall asleep at inappropriate times, for instance- they may fall asleep while driving. This can cause a serious accident. Stimulants, antidepressants are used to cure Narcolepsy.

Circadian Rhythm Disorders

If your biological clock does not match the external environment, Circadian Rhythm Disorder may appear. People who work in the night shift, people who are still in a jet lag may suffer from Circadian Rhythm Disorder. If one comes from abroad, s/he takes some time to adjust to the time zone. In this span, his/her sleep-wake schedule also gets hampered. Exposure to natural light at the correct time cures this disorder.

Common Sleep Disorders Types And Problems Today
Common Sleep Disorders Types And Problems Today

Parasomnia: Kinds Of Sleep Disorders

Parasomnia runs in families, usually this a genetic disorder. Abnormal behavior during sleep is the symptom of Parasomnia. Sleepwalking, Sleep talking, groaning, teeth grinding during sleep are the most common symptoms of Parasomnia. Medical assistance cures the disorder.

Sleep Apnea, A Sleep Disorder

The pause of breathing during sleep is called Sleep Apnea. This disorder often proves to be fatal. It causes the body to receive less oxygen. There are two types of Sleep Apnea-

Obstructive Sleep Apnea – This usually happens if the airway space is obstructed or if the space is too narrow. 

Central Sleep Apnea – The problem between the brain and the muscles which regulate one’s breath results in Central Sleep Apnea.

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure device or CPAP device is used to cure Sleep Apnea. This is a mask that gently blows the air into the airway. 

Common Sleep Disorders Types And Problems Today
Common Sleep Disorders Types And Problems Today

Sleep disorder is a serious issue so you must not neglect it. Sleep disorders hamper our physical and mental health. If you suffer from a lack of sleep for a long time, then it can be responsible for harmful health issues. We need to consult a doctor and abide by his/her instructions to get over sleep disorders.

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