3 Practical Tips To Sleep Better In The Night

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A healthy diet, daily exercise, and a good night’s sleep are essential in your daily routine. According to your studies, a poor sleep routine has immediate adverse effects on your brain functioning and exercise routine. It also promotes obesity, and both children and adults get prone to various diseases like insomnia. In simpler words, when your sleeping routine is good, you feel healthier and better.

As our work life is getting more hectic, there is a huge decline in sleep quality and quantity. Even in your daily routine, you might be sleeping for just 5-6 hours. Are you still tossing and turning over your bed?

Here are some of the most effective to sleep better at night.

Stay Exposed To Bright Light During Day Time

A woman lying on a bed

Your body has a natural circadian rhythm, time-keeping clock. This time-keeping clock decides your time of getting awake and sleeping. Circadian rhythm directly affects your brain, body, and hormones. Bright light and natural sunlight keep your circadian rhythm healthy during the day time. Natural sunlight keeps you energetic in the day time and enhances your sleep quality.

People dealing with insomnia should stay in bright light exposure for enhancing your sleep quality and duration. According to various studies, 2 hours of bright light exposure will increase your sleep duration by 2 hours. Even if you sleep for 6-7 hours, bright light exposure is very important.

You should try staying for at least 2 hours in sunlight. If not, you can also stay under a bright bulb. Bright light provide a good impact on your body.

Don’t Consume Caffeine Much In The Evening Hours

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Caffeine comes with innumerable benefits for adults and children as well. More than 90% population of the United States consume caffeine daily. One single cup of caffeine in the early morning can enhance your energy, performance, and focus.

If you consume caffeine in the late evening hours, it directly stimulates your nervous system, and you don’t feel sleepy at night. According to various studies, consuming caffeine 6 hours before going to bed can worsen your sleep quality.

The reaction of caffeine stays active in your blood for around 6-7 hours. In simpler words, consuming coffee after 2-3 p.m. is not recommended. If you are suffering from certain sleep issues, then prefer consuming less caffeine. However, if you are still addicted to coffee, consume decaffeinated coffee.

Consume Melatonin Supplement

Melatonin is the primary sleep hormone that gives commands to your brain about going to bed. Melatonin supplements are highly popular for people who are dealing with insomnia and severe sleep issues. According to various studies, take a single 2mg dose of melatonin can enhance your sleep quality, and you’ll feel energetic the next morning.

You can also carry melatonin supplements when traveling to different countries to adjust to the time zone. Some countries sell melatonin supplements without prescriptions. In some countries, you need the right prescription.

Sleep Is Important
Sleep Is Important

However, this supplement is easily available in medical and online stores. At last, consult with your doctor before taking Melatonin supplements. Always try to rest in different sleeping positions.

Final Words

A proper sleeping routine is essential to follow a healthy lifestyle. Improper sleeping routine can lead to obesity and cardiovascular diseases. If you want to stay safe, and live a disease-free life, focus on your diet and sleeping routine.

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