Sleep Paralysis And Effect Of Bed Environment On It.

Sleep paralysis and Effect of Bed Environment on it.

Sleep paralysis is a temporary condition in which your body stops moving or speak at wake up time or falling asleep. It’s not dangerous as it lasts for a few seconds or minutes only but can be scaring experience. Many people face sleep paralysis condition once in their life, but some other experience frequently or regularly. It is common in adults. Unhealthy bed environment, the sleeping room will also cause uncomfortable and reduce the quality and quantity of sleep.

Symptoms Of Sleep Paralysis

Sleep paralysis is a condition of remaining conscious and know surroundings but unable to move or speak for some time.

•    It makes it challenging to take deep breaths.

•    It allows you to move and open your eyes

•    Feeling sensation that someone is there in the room

•    Scary and Frightening

It can last up to a few seconds to several minutes. After it, you will be able to move and speak. You may feel anxious and uneasy to sleep again. This can cause an impact on your body and fear will stop from sleeping again. It increases the anxiety level in an individual.

Sleep paralysis and Effect of Bed Environment on it.
Sleep paralysis and Effect of Bed Environment on it.

Consulting With Doctor

Some people may experience sleep paralysis frequently. It’s not harmful, but you should ask your doctor if you face these issues.

•    If you are feeling sleep paralysis regularly.

•    If you are feeling very anxious and struggling to get enough sleep.

•    You are feeling sleepy and tire the whole day.

If your symptoms are severe, they will recommend you to sleep, expert or neurologist.

Causes of Sleep Paralysis

Sleep paralysis occurs due to parts of rapid eye movement (REM) while you’re in the wake-up condition.

REM is a sleeping stage in which the brain remains active, and dreams often occur. It only allows the movement of eyes and muscles used in breathing.  It’s not clear why REM sleep occurs, but it has been associated with:

•    Insomnia (Not getting enough sleep)

•    Irregular sleeping schedule due to shifts.

•    Narcolepsy –that causes a person to fall asleep at inappropriate times suddenly

•    Heredity

•    Sleeping position and bedroom environment.

If it is occasional, then it does not need to worry, the person is healthy.

Sleep paralysis and Effect of Bed Environment on it.
Sleep paralysis and Effect of Bed Environment on it.

Treatments And Change In Bed Environment

Sleep paralysis treatment includes a change in sleeping habits and sleeping bedroom environment.

Bed environment and sleeping positions also play a significant role in not getting enough sleep. The alteration in the bed environment will help to create a soothing and calm effect which help you to to increase the quality of your sleep.  It can help to:

•    Good night’s sleep for at least 6 to 8 hours daily.

•    Sleeping Schedule should be fixed. You should go to bed at a fixed time and wake up at the same time.

•    Sleeping bedroom environment: – It should be relaxing, dark, soothing and quiet. The temperature should be maintained properly.

•    Eating habits- Avoid eating big meals, drinking alcohol, smoking, and caffeine.

•    Regular exercise will help in increasing your stamina.

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