Sleep Regression Times: Everything You Need To Know

sleep regression times

Have you ever thought about the phrase sleep regression? You will hear this a lot once you have a baby. If your bay is waking up after every 15 – 20 minutes of a nap, then maybe sleep regression is the problem behind it. If your toddler is fierce during the night time, then you need to know all about sleep regression. Now you have to get an explicit knowledge about what sleep regression is precisely all about and why it is happening to your child.

Sleep regression is the time period of 3-6 weeks in which babies start waking up from their naps every now and then, and they can even skip naps. You may not find any proper reason behind the same, and therefore your preparation will not be up to the mark. Frustrating, isn’t it?

So Why Does It Happen?-Sleep Regression Times

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Every baby will be different, and everyone doesn’t need to undergo sleep regression. Some babies might show early signs of degeneration, while others can be late. So there is no specific thumb rule of the nonexistent naps. There is something known as the four monthly sleep regression, and it is a permanent problem. This change happens with time, and the sleep patterns of the baby are disrupted. The baby-like sleeping patterns are no longer there, and they would fuss a lot. The naps will shorten, and you can experience a lot of rushing around.

6 Month Sleep Regression

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According to the experts, this regression happens because of the sudden growth spurt and is indeed a common problem. The 6-month-old kids have a lot of sleep problems during this time, and this can continue from 3-6 weeks. With expert consultation, your kid will slowly move out of this problem, and the crankiness will go off.

8 Month Sleep Regression-Sleep Regression Times

When the kid is of 8 months, then there are a lot of developmental changes in the body. Most babies are trying to crawl and do a lot of movements on their own. A lot of brain activity happens during this time, which is why they cannot rest properly. They are also in their teething session, and thereby the irritation can be overwhelming for the kid. You will find that your kid is absorbing many languages, which is a passing phase that you do not need to worry about.

9 And 10th Month Sleep Regression

This is a continuation of the 8month regression, and the sleep pattern can start changing from the 9th month itself. It depends on when the baby begins this phase, and the reversal is going to last 3-6 weeks on average. There is nothing wrong even if the regression does not show up, and you can have a relaxing baby in your arms. In the 10th month, the regression will be fluctuating, and the matters will not be complicated anymore. There can be a continuation of the same in the 11th month, which is the final crankiness phase. Pass through this phase, and you will be good to go.


Sleep Regression times are something that you need to understand thoroughly before you handle a baby. Do not scold them and make things worse. Instead, be understanding and provide the ultimate solution.

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