Sleep Tips for Newborns

sleep tips for newborns

Meta Description: Are you always struggling to put your baby to sleep? Here are some sleep tips for newborns.

Sleeping babies are the most adorable little things on this planet and while one must be wondering that babies sleep most of their time, it sometimes gets a tad too difficult to put them to sleep. A first time mother is often exhausted looking after the baby all day and all night long. Babies have erratic sleep patterns and it takes a while to put them in a regular sleeping time table. Sometimes, babies go off to sleep at 7 pm and wake up all fresh and active by 12 am. These erratic sleep timings often take a toll on a tired mother.

But if you follow certain tips and ways, your baby can not only sleep better but slowly fall into a regular sleeping ritual. Listed below are some fabulous ways to help your baby sleep.

Sleep Tips for Newborns

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Always put your baby to bed when he or she is drowsy and not already asleep

This especially gets difficult for breastfeeding mothers but if you practice this ritual right from the start, both you and your baby would rest better. In time you will master the timing and your baby will learn to drift off to sleep on his own. Put the baby in the baby cot just when she/he is about to sleep and has not dozed off already.

Make them sleep in their own baby cot or the same place everyday

Babies often find familiar faces and surroundings soothing. Making the baby sleep in the same place every day will make him familiar with his sleep setting. They would know that they are supposed to sleep now and it helps them sleep soundly.

Don’t rush to change their diapers every time they wake up

Doing so would only jostle them wide awake. It’s not necessary that every time the baby wakes up, they need a diaper change. Put good quality diapers during night time and you need to change them only if your child poops. Nighttime diaper changes should be done using wet wipes warmed in a wipe warmer.

Feeding between 10 p.m. to 12 a.m.

This will help your baby sleep for longer durations. This would be the time when even you want to retire for the day. Feeding your baby at this time just before you sleep would be ideal as he/she would sleep for longer durations. If your baby is already asleep, you could gently nudge him to your nipple without waking them up.

Babies will fall into a regular sleeping pattern only at 4 months

If you are trying to put your month old baby to a regular sleeping pattern, you won’t be getting any great results. A baby has to be at least 4 months old to be able to understand your techniques. Till that time, you have to be a mother on demand. You can start healthy sleep habits right from the start but it will be a while before you get any results.

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