Sleep Well Today To Breathe, Work And Live Well -

Sleep Well Today To Breathe, Work And Live Well

Sleep Well To Breathe, Work And Live Well

Sleeping is the most natural and wholesome thing for a human being, rather, for a living being. It is a recurring state of mind of the human body. If you sleep well today, you’re breathing well, you work well. Basically, you live well!
Sleeping is characterized by altered consciousness of the mind. The muscle activities of the body and the interactions with the surrounding are greatly reduced when a person is sleeping. When a person is asleep there is a decrease in the ability of the person to react to random stimuli. Rest is a must for every living being. Every being follows a particular sleeping cycle. This sleep-cycle has to have regularity and strict adherence for better health results.

How It Functions: Sleep Well Today

The REM (Rapid Eye Movement) and Non-REM are the two distinct modes of behavior which the body experiences alternately. The REM state of sleeping includes the virtual paralysis of the body. The Non-REM state of sleeping occurs first, followed by a period of transition. It is also called Slow Wave Sleep or Deep Sleep. The body temperature and the heart rate experiences a fall at this time.

Furthermore, the brain now uses less energy. REM sleep (also known as “paradoxical sleep”) happens for a shorter period of sleeping time. All sorts of dreams (or nightmares) occur during this time. It is associated with the rapid brain waves. There are eye movements and a loss of muscle tone which does not affect the suspension of Homeostasis. Non-REM and REM sleeping are considered as different states of physiology by experts. Sleep-Cycle of alternate NREM and REM states last about ninety minutes and occurs a lot of times during sleep.

Sleep Well To Breathe, Work And Live Well
Sleep Well Today To Breathe, Work And Live Well

Sleep Well Gain Well

There are many advantages to sleeping. Not only does it makes you feel refreshed it helps in restoring most of the body’s systems. All the vital processes are in an anabolic state at that time. The Nervous System and the Immune System along with the Skeletal, Muscular and Endocrine Systems play a major role in maintaining the body’s cognitive functions, the mental state along with the physical capabilities. The brain during this time reinstalls its supply of the Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) compound. Sleeping saves a lot of energy and helps the body and the mind to relax and rebuild itself for the oncoming activities. It has always been a conservative behavior across evolution.

The natural, internal process called the circadian rhythm regulates the sleep-wake cycle of human beings. It repeats roughly every 24 hours.

Sleep Well To Breathe, Work And Live Well
Sleep Well Today To Breathe, Work And Live Well

Beware Of Sleep Disorders

Humans experience various sleeping disorders and it’s an ongoing process which is ever increasing as the research goes on. The two broad categories are Dyssomnias and Parasomnias.
Dyssomnias include the state of Insomnia and Hypersomnia. Narcolepsy and Sleep Apnea are also its components.
Parasomnias include the Sleepwalking state and REM Behaviour Disorder. Traces of the Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorders and Bruxism have also increased globally. The modern urban life has had a diverse effect on the natural process of sleeping of human beings.

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