Stories Of Sleep – Best Dreams


Many of us had the experience of dreaming that we wake up in a strange place and then find ourselves drawn back to our dreams. What can these stories of sleep tell us about our waking life? And, what can it tell us about our dreams?

Dreaming has to do with your way of connecting with yourself. If you make your dreams your stories of sleep, then you connect with them and create a story of yourself as in another life.

Stories Of Sleep Varies From Person To Person

There are many different lives that you could be living in different parts of your body. Your head could be a lot smaller than your feet, and you could be having a conversation with yourself and still not be aware of it. Your feet could be walking you in and out of a room. Or, your head could be in a new location, yet no memory of the previous trip remains.

Stories Of Sleep - Best Dreams
Stories Of Sleep – Best Dreams

One key is to be able to let go of all attachment to any notion of one life lasting longer than another, for your vivid imagination can produce whatever story it likes. So, in order to learn this, you have to get really good at shutting down your vivid imagination. Think about all the memories of childhood that you have had. Most of those memories are merely dreamlike or one-off events, so how can they seem to relate to anything?

One thing you can be doing in a dream state is remembering your dreams, which helps to remind you of what you were dreaming about. But, you don’t need to remember every single dream you ever had. If you do this, it will become a source of anxiety and difficulty when you try to remember other dreams. So, in order to learn how to do this, you have to get good at letting go of the emotion attached to the dream.

Do you remember thinking “this couldn’t be real” when something happened? Well, it wasn’t. Every experience you have ever had could be yours for some reason, and you have to be in control of how you look at it. Take the whole experience as if it was you in real life without any judgments.

Stories Of Sleep Are Not Always Good

Imagine how you might feel if you had only one memory from your life but could remember every single dream you’ve ever had. It’s amazing how you may get carried away by your own imagination. We all have a vivid imagination. But then, it’s great if we use it as little as possible, for it does us no harm, and it’s good to have some control over the way our minds work.

Stories Of Sleep - Best Dreams
Stories Of Sleep – Best Dreams

A difficult part for many of us is to take what we know about our memories of previous lives and apply them to the present. But, it’s easier to do this with dreams than it is with waking life. In dreams, you have a much more dramatic experience, and the memories come back in a more vivid way.

When you have a dream, you cannot be aware of it as it’s happening. But, when you think about it, you can see the continuity, and the dreams can help you to form a story of a new life. Dreams also help us to expand our view of life and expand our ideas about what the true purpose of life is.

Stories of sleep can help us understand the difference between our dreams and our waking life. You can tell the stories of your dreams to others and help them learn about themselves. In fact, stories of dreams often encourage people to expand their own perceptions of their experiences. They say that just because your baby sees his mother’s face, it doesn’t mean he knows his mother’s name!


Just like people in REM sleep, people in deep REM sleep also have dreams where they are guided by dream images. These dreams help them to see the continuity of their previous lives, and they can give their dreams an even greater meaning than ever before.

Finally, to better understand dreams and the stories of sleep, it’s important to learn the symbols used in dreams. Symbolically, many things have a deeper meaning. These are things that don’t mean anything at all, yet they create a story of a living creature or event. So, keep that in mind when you read the stories of dreams.