The Amazing Documentary On Sleep Stories

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Stories of Sleep is a new documentary by Mike Meyers about the magic and wonder of sleep. One of the fascinating parts of this documentary is how our ability to sleep can be hidden or transformed when we wake up, especially if we are faced with environmental stimuli that interrupted our slumber.

Dr. Robert Stickgold has written that sleep deprivation may be considered to be a mental illness. He also refers that it the most common disorder in the medical profession. The effects of sleep deprivation are dangerous as it affects physical health as well as emotional health.

Sleep Stories Are Essential To Avoid Disorders

The episodes of the documentary are based on the research of over seven hundred people with sleep disorders, some with mild, moderate, and severe forms of sleep problems. They are contrasted with stories of sleep such as the times when they think they are going to sleep and not remembering anything.

The Amazing Documentary On Sleep Stories
The Amazing Documentary On Sleep Stories

The scenes of the stories are exceptional. The way people think they are asleep is unbelievable.

Over a vast number of years, I have watched this documentary. I thought it was incredible that my own attempts at sleep were thwarted by being awakened by anything as seemingly harmless as a telephone ringing.

When I experienced sleep deprivation, I tried to find reasons as to why I would suddenly wake up. I was puzzled by trying to figure out how to determine whether the interruption was merely an accident or a deliberate attack on my sleep. I learned that such attacks can be triggered by infrequent periods of background noise.

Sleep Stories Takes The Stress Away

This causes deep sleep deprivation. But even if the television is turned off, the world around you or the sound of traffic, the stress of the day may lead to deep sleep problems. People who deal with these troubles by looking for ways to fall asleep soon discover the failure of these techniques.

Then there is the fear of “having too much” sleep when the blanket is pulled away from your eyes and the soundproof room gets full of noise. If one of these things happens, all efforts to get to sleep get ruined. It does not matter how well the person sleeps, the episodes of insomnia and the resulting sleeplessness are unending.

The Amazing Documentary On Sleep Stories
The Amazing Documentary On Sleep Stories

This stresses the importance of visiting a doctor who will take steps to identify the cause of such unusual episodes of insomnia. The reason for each episode is different, from anxiety, insomnia or anxiety, and depression. The doctor will also have to determine the source of the problem and if it is chronic. Then the person will have to be monitored very carefully.

Sleep deprivation can result in serious health problems. For instance, chronic insomnia can lead to severe depression. Sleep deprivation can be cured through proper relaxation training, self-hypnosis, and diet control.

There are many people who suffer from sleep deprivation. Their lives are over because they cannot sleep, and some don’t even know it. That’s why it is vital that they seek help in the form of hypnotherapy.


Hypnotherapy is a therapy that helps you relax. It enables you to learn to face stressful situations and helps you learn the art of being calm under pressure. It is ideal for those who may have been sleeping deprived in the past or those who struggle with chronic insomnia.

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